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Welcome to the official Battlefield 1 videos Megathread!

We all love those Only on Battlefield moments so why not share our own moments? Lets all start posting those amazing moments for everyone to see! Doesn’t matter if you are playing on PC, XBOX or PS4, there should be no excuse to not capture those moments!

I been recording almost every match i play and here is one of my favorite moments:

Happy dog, happy bombing:

Remember, post only those moments that you made happen.

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Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PS4
Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PS4
Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PC

Damn son! I’ve got a few clips I’ve saved that I need to export and splice together. I’ll work on getting them up later this week :wink:


You actually see what you were bombing there? Or was that just run of the mill carpet bombing?


The one moment that was saved, I need to remember to save all my good game plays, had a ton last night!

I also have a short Battlefield montage on my channel.


I was able to see 3 guys and a spotted mortar guy, not those 10 that died :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, i’ll just upload short videos with nothing fancy added to it.

That was epic. That gun is a beast!


These videos are epic! :money_mouth:


Gahhhh I really need to find time to play lol.


I was having fun with the scout class last match and decided the zeppelin didn’t need so many people in it.


I had a better one on a start of domination, but for some odd reason, my ps4 didn’t record that par :frowning: