Battlefield 4 Strats & Co. platoon



I am going to create a Strats & Co. BF4 platoon. I cannot create it yet because I need to get to lvl 10 but I am wondering if anyone else in the community plays BF4 so I don’t just waste my time with it.

Here is me, feel free to add me.


I don’t play currently but I’d be down to. I’m not sure if I’ll have time if we get heavy into Planetside 2 though.


I play BF4, but not sure if I’ll be able to play properly on the US servers. Can give it a shot though.


I play BF4, let me know when you guys want to play and I can jump on.


Someone sell me on BF4. I haven’t played a Battlefield series game since BF1942.


I like it better than CoD becuase of the vehicles. planes, tanks, choppers, etc.


I play bf4 as well


I have it on PC but haven’t played it in a while. I might pick it back up if I have a group to play it with,


I play as well…


Okay we have a pretty sizable group so I am going to rock it this week and get myself to level 10 so I can make the platoon. Then we will kill.


Everyone who wants in on the platoons head over and join.




BF3 is honestly better than 4. If we can get a sizable group to play in BF3 I think that would be our best bet since it’s usually on sale for pretty cheap.