Battlefield Hardline February Beta

Announced today, a new Battlefield Hardline beta will be coming soon.

The dates are:
Tuesday, February 3 through Monday, February 8

This will include three multiplayer maps, three game modes and most importantly, open to all.

It sounds like they really took the bad feedback from the first one seriously. Serious enough to delay the game half a year. Within that time they’ve got a lot of feedback from the community, “professional” fps gamers and more. The developer Visceral Games has experience in some quality games. They were the ones that made the very good Dead Space 2, and decent Dead Space 3. Visceral also has experience with Battlefield, having worked on one of the BF3 expansions.

The beta dates are good dates, there are no major releases during and Evolve lands two days after it ends. At the rate PlanetSide2 is taking with its beta keys, I plan on spending some quality time with Hardline to see how it stacks up to other games and if it’s going to be worth a buy in March when it releases.


I may or may not pick up the beta for this. Don’t know yet, lol.

It’s worth a shot, it can’t be worse then the one in July

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I don’t know why I thought it was released already