Battlefield: Hardline

Looking forward to the new direction that battlefield is heading towards. Cops vs Robbers hell ya!

Anyone else excited?

From gamespot:
Electronic Arts confirmed the release date today as part of its latest earnings report. The game was previously pegged to launch on October 21, but in July, EA delayed the game to add “more innovation.”

The new date applies to all platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. Hardline will launch in Europe on March 19.


Some of my terrible gameplay from Beta:

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sweet! it looks great. Any impressions?

Yeah I thought it was pretty fun. Small quick maps.

I felt like I was the minority, I had fun playing the beta despite the bugs. Hopefully they learned a lesson from all the feedback and really have some big ideas for the Spring release.

The beta was fun but the game needs a lot of work. I will be looking forward to see how EA is improving it. The concept is great

Agreed, put about an hour in due to the bugs. I think they’ve had enough time since beta to work out the kinks.