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Regardless of what results we reap through pre-ordering games, I’d like everyone to stop pre-ordering simply so we can do away with the whole practice all together.

Even if we did generally receive good games upon release the basic concept of pre-ordering is just unnecessarily risky. But we don’t normally receive good games for our pre-ordering efforts. I’d hate to sound cynical, but half the games that come out these days are either nowhere near as good as they were promised, or they’re broken games that should’ve undergone another six months of polishing.

Hell, even the rare good ones are quickly becoming nothing more than venues for marketing DLC and other paid content. By the time the game is released there is already DLC up on the marketplace, not to mention a dozen extra skins for your character which each cost $10

We should just send the message that we don’t want pre-ordering to be a thing anymore, regardless of the quality of the games upon release. Do away with the whole practice.

If the studio wants to generate hype for its upcoming title they should be putting out a demo version a year early so the public can test the game out, render feedback, and generate free marketing for the studio if the game checks out. They can gauge the market’s excitement by just doing a simple Google search, not counting the money they’ve made off pre-order copies sold.

Imagine if the movie industry began doing pre-orders. You could pre-purchase your tickets for a film a year or more before it was released, right after it was just announced. If you do the studio will send you a free t-shirt and special glasses which let you see things on the screen which other audience members wouldn’t notice, so you’re essentially getting the whole picture or a totally different experience. Would we put up with that?

What am I saying?.. Of course we would. This is the society that let Fast & Furious 7 earn $1,000,000,000 worldwide, and is now putting Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 at the top of the weekly box office rankings. The same society which is saying Unfriended is the scariest movie of the last decade.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore


Being a Minnesotan I dont know if I can take someone named CheezHed seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


Idiocracy was right