Battlegrounds Group



Anyone down for playing some Battlegrounds together. I’m about to hop in my first game.


I’ve been scared of that game but I’m willing to give it a shot.


I just lost…

I just went 7 games with only one kill…

I’m broken…


I’ve heard it’s pretty ridiculously hard. I wouldn’t feel too bad.


It certainly takes a particular mindset to play. One I don’t really have.

Going hard with guns blazing will only get you killed. Quickly. The amount of kills you have means nothing if you die to the last guy.

It takes patience, stealth, and a good knowledge of the map.


I wouldn’t say it’s hard, it’s just a very particular play style that is more successful than others. I’ve played maybe 75-80 games. I’ve only won 1. I have about 4-5 2nd place finishes and about 7 or 8 top 5 finishes. But I’m way too casual a player to be any more successful than that. I find it very hard to spot people at a distance, but I hear that comes a lot better with tons of playtime. Watching some of the streamers who have hundreds of hours, I’m amazed by how they see people so quickly so far away.

Edit: There’s also a tremendous amount of luck involved in this game. The circle can really determine how you have to play, and it might not always cater to your playstyle. If you tend to hole up in a house and be more “campy”, sometime the circle will always appear furthest from you, forcing you to constantly move. I kind of like that there’s always a chance to force you out of your comfort zone. I hate at the time, but I realize it’s giving me practice and making me a better player overall.


Some new content and several big fixes have been added.