Battlegrounds surges past 1 million copies sold on Steam in a mere 16 days



The viral growth of this game is just crazy. There are no double countless meetings happening in big name studios across the country right this second about how to recreate this.

It’s not about the number. Plenty of AAA games sell 1 million copies in a matter of days or less. They do it with millions of dollars in marketing, though.


a good game that people wanna play is better than any marketing


I’m downloading it right now.


Isn’t it just the latest in the area style game? DayZ and all the rest?


Playerunknown is the guy who essentially created this genre (battle royale). He first made Arma3 and then H1Z1. He finally created his own game rather than do the work for someone else.

But the answer to your question is: Yes.


Having spent little time playing the battle royale genre, what makes this one that much better? Part of me wonders if it simply just embraced what was needed to get it to that tipping point where it was cool to have & play it, than the game itself.

On that note, it’s success reminded me of this theory from David Sivers on leadership.


The game fell right in the wheelhouse of twitch. Several of twitch"s biggest streamers are all over this game (lirik, summit1g, drdisrespectlive, etc). Just between the 3 streamers I named, that’s over 100k concurrent viewers daily. The game has been consistently in the top 5 games being viewed since launch. They basically used twitch to do their marketing for them.

That all being said, it happens to be a really good game. As someone who has experience with every version of Playerunknown"s BR mods, this is sort of the perfect mix of all the good things from all of them. It has the slower tactical pace and the weapon modding of the Arma3 version, but still has the smoother control and excitement that H1Z1 KotK provided.

The game is also performing fairly well for an un-optimized early access title.

It’s hard for me to just make a blanket statement to recommend that everyone should get this game because I realize it’s not going to appeal to everyone. The game can be ultra-competitive definitely a little nichy. But man when you make it far and are down to the top 5 or something, there’s nothing better to get that heart pumping. BR games have definitely given me the biggest adrenaline rushes in all of gaming.


I tried playing the game myself. I failed miserably.

But I do enjoy watching others on Twitch.


That’s a whole other thing I didn’t really mention either. The game is extremely enjoyable to watch on Twitch. That’s probably part of the reason why the big streamers play it. Or it’s part of the reason why those streamers are so big. Or both. It just picks up where H1Z1 left off. That game is extremely successful on twitch, and PUBG is just a better game so it took over.


Ever since H1Z1 KOTK blew up i was surprised a big name didn’t recreate it. This game style has a lot of potential at the moment. I don’t know how long this craze will last if they can’t get a game fine tuned.