Battletech! Some classic strategy to sink your teeth into


So Hairbrained Schemes is finally decided to reboot the Battletech series. Jordan Weisman , who is the original creator of the series, is responsible for rebooting Shadowrun and introducing it to the younger generations has decided to work on Battletech as his next game. The Kickstarter is no live and was funded within three hours of being released (lots of diehard fans of the series out there.) I wanted to see if there were any other fans of Mechwarrior and Battletech on Strats? Its going to be a while before we can play this one but there is no reason to not share the hype. Personally I love this universe and have been a fan since I was a wee boy in comi russia. Thoughts?


I am a big fan of the genre and universe. Michael Stackpole’s novels really did it for me, and I loved loved loved MW4.