BDO 4/20 Patch Notes



Here they are.

Basic outline

Event & System

  • The Easter Event has ended, all related turn-in quests have been disabled.

  • All accounts have been given an additional base character slot regardless of prior Cash Shop purchases. This increases the count from 4 to 5.

  • All accounts have had their maximum number of character slots increased from 9 to 10.

Class Changes

Musa Class Added

  • The Musa is a swordsman armed with an arsenal of powerful area of effect skills and blazing speed to devastate their foes in the blink of an eye while avoiding danger.

Maehwa Class Added

  • A graceful combatant with a specialized skill set, the Maehwa can lock down any foe with a wide array of control skills. Disable your target from afar before swooping in to deliver the killing blow.

Item Changes

  • Some trade good prices have been adjusted.

  • Trade EXP from some trade goods has been adjusted.

  • The synthesis formulas, EXP yield, Marketplace price range, and knowledge text of [certain] items have changed.

Many other things have changed as well, I’m too lazy to copy and past them all so feel free to click the link at the top.

Have fun with the new classes!! I’m going Musa!!
Also, if you would like one of these new classes to be your main. Done invest monies into it until max level, once you know if the hidden stat mechanics have rolled in your favor or not.


Say hello to my Musa: NeoRonin :smile:

Lvl 15 and really enjoying. Finished most my projects and presentations today thank god lol.