BDO Autopathing



Rejoice Horse Trainers: During a server hotfix today, they patched in the Autopathing feature.
You need to Alt Right-Click your waypoints with the final point being near your start location. The route will change from normal to a more glowing green when you successfully do it.

Be careful where you place your waypoints don’t just click on a city or node since many will take you on windy paths. My first trip I got caught in Northern Wheat Plantation. I found better luck zooming in on my map and clicking on open roads before and/or after junctions where you want to turn.

Edit: there’s also a checkbox now below your horse’s stamina to automatically use carrots when stamina becomes low!
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Ooo, awesome, thanks! I’ll have to try it tonight. So you’re saying you put in multiple points all along the path so you can set it to go a certain way instead of it just auto setting it for you?


I’m not sure if there’s an easier way to set an autopath since I didn’t experiment a ton, but assuming we have to set the points, I think its best not to just click on the node or city icons since it’ll take you to the node manager which sometimes can be a sort of dead end.