BDO Boss Scrolls



So I got some feedback from a friend that we should be doing some other bosses and not red nose as red nose doesn’t have any drops of value.


and the result:

The reason why this boss over the other is that he has this loot table:

which has a chance to drop:


The other bosses pull from these tables:

Red Nose:




This is the daily i had chosen the other day and was told that you needed like 130ap/dp to even do the scroll…so i think we need to do some research before we try it.


I can’t find anything on these newer boss scrolls, but for the world bosses, it looks like they recommend 130+ DP in order to not get one shot. If you guys try one, let us know how it goes.

On a side note: They’ve announced they’re giving everyone a free character expansion slot tomorrow with the Musa/Muahwe rollout.
(wish they would have announced that before I spent my loyalty points on that yesterday :frowning: )


Very nice!