BDO Guild Quest and Boss scrolls



Going to do a guild quest or two tonight at 9pm EST. Any level can participate, have some gathering tools and inventory space ready :slight_smile:

After that I’d like to get a few boss scrolls in. Level 50s, we can combine those Ancient shards now into scrolls finally.
Also, for those over lvl 46 now, we can do the daily boss scrolls from Black Spirit. Might be best if we all try to take the same quest so can just go to one location and knock a bunch out. I’m suggesting the “Mediah’s Exiled Force” one that gives the Imp Captain scroll but open to suggestions.


I can commit tonight, gonna have to level my butt off today if I wanna join in on the World Boss fun.


Doh, @Adeline and I will be out tonight. Last minute meet up with my parents. Their flight got redirected from Denver and they are on a one day overlay here.


No worries, I didn’t check w everyone just want to get this rolling. Going to try doing these more regularly so that a few of us can miss any given night.


Ive been grinding all day and now im going to make some dinner but i will be back on in an hour or so…and @ghosthog weve got some bad ass dudes to fight…me and @Zymora got railed so we need you and @finubar!!!