BDO horse taming



@GuardianX wife here… finally got my first horse! Feels like quite an accomplishment since I failed utterly so many times at taming them… had several stolen out from under me when trying to tame them as well as just never being able to find spawns, yea I suck, haha!

And screenshot fail… the things you can do in this game, just SMH

@Diacuss thought you’d find this funny too.


Would love to see more peoples conquests in-game.

As far as I know @GuardianOfLaoria and @Laoria play as well, what have you all been up to?


i’ve tamed a few but i’ve yet to see anything higher than a tier 1 horse. I’m dying to tame a t3 and start breeding too!


Gorgeous horse! I haven’t seen any to tame yet but haven’t really been looking. Too busy building up my crafting empire to dominate the world market :wink:


@dontcallmejames @ghosthog Taking each part of this game in stride… theres so much to do, so I haven’t even got into the breeding part just yet. This horse was t2. Is the only way you can get better tiers by breeding or getting lucky taming a higher tier horse? And yea, i’ve been doing tons of crafting :smile: Somehow its hard to get over that feeling of not leveling as fast as other games, haha, feels like I’m not doing anything cause I’m only level 20.

@GuardianX waits for you to come back to the game hurry up! :rage:


Mostly questing and grinding with an IRL friend. The more we play, the more we’re learning about everything.

Usually about 2-3 weeks into an MMO, I get burnt out, but that hasn’t happened at all yet. Kudos to BDO for keeping my interest :smile:


As far as I am aware the highest Tier you can get in the wild are T 1-3. The highest breedable tier is 6 right now but should be increased to T 7 in a couple weeks with a patch.

The thing about breeding is that female horses can only breed once, making even a T1 quite valuable, which obviously increases by a lot the higher you get. So even a T3 female can make ya quite a bit of money.


With the limited time i have, i’ll try to build myself a ferry! Not an easy task to get all the lead but i’m slowly getting there. :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to post a screenshot when it’s finished.


Thanks for the explanation… yea mine is male :frowning: Oh well I’ll have to keep taming! :smile:

@Calibian maybe you’re already doing this, but did you invest in a node and have your workers farm the lead for you? I saw a node with lead further southwest of Heidel I think.


I have a worker gathering ash wood which i also need a lot. I found a descent spot to gather lead so i do this myself. The rest of my cp is invested in a trade route, workshops and storage. :slight_smile:


There is a node just west of Glish in the swamp that has lead for a worker to mine if you want.


Yea I was down to 3 CP for a bit, but I got a couple more last night :wink:


I finished my “ferry” it’seems just a row boat. The good part is they sell for a mill on the market.


Speaking of horse taming… meet Caramel!

She is a tier 2 horse and has just recently found her soulmate in Dawn.

And thus the begin their long courtship and eventual breeding.

But i just got this with the help of @ghosthog telling me where to find them. Funny thing is i got her on my first try and i messed up and didn’t use any sugar. I guess that Training B9 really paid off. Now i need to find me a tier 3 female so i can try for max tier horse.

No more horsing around

@Diacuss Yea I’ve been using to check for horse spawn locations, but I’ve only ever found a horse in the field between Marino farm and Toscani farm SW of Velia. Where did you find your’s?


Taming horses is what I am the most excited about!!


@adeline Epheria valley is a good spot. It’s northwest of Calpheon.


@Adeline What @ghosthog said. If you can’t find it i can take you there some time.


Ok guys I think i know what that means though, I need to level, pretty sure 21 might get me killed going out there? :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s what i’m going to specialize in. I’m going to try and and make that the things i do here. Everything i’ve seen up to this point makes me think it’s very time consuming.