BDO Media p2 out -- otherwise known as the Wheatception dlc



If haven’t seen it already, the rest of Mediah content is out and the focus is on Pirates matey!

Main changes are adding Tungrad Forest, Hasrah Dungeon and Kuit Islands.
Boss armor is now dropping.

Also a pirate event and a mothers day event. Collect bottles of rum for a pirate flag or a pirate hat. There’s also an art contest to win pearls and every entrant gets at least a 7 day costume. More details here:


AHHHHHH, I’m very excited!!


So I wonder if by 7 day costume it literally means you just get a costume to wear for 7 days that disappears at the end?


This is what I’m looking forward to. Valencia part 3.

P.S. Looks like naval war ships are going to have to be crafted through a guild house.


Yea, I’m guessing something like that but who knows.