BDO: Nodes, Workers and Housing



For those of us new to the game, there’s quite a learning curve. The game is awesome with a ton to do but fairly obtuse on many of its systems and many of the guides out so far are incomplete or based on the Korean version which has several differences.

A good basic guide on getting nodes set for your worker.
There’s an extra step that’s not obvious in-game and this helps quite well.

For the houses, you will need several if you plan to do any crafting. They should really just be called buildings since they can be several types of buildings, the default is just a residential home.

Looking at the main map you’ll see quite a few houses per town. Most will be white/grey at first but some are blue and these are the ones you can start with. There are usually 3 in a group, 1 blue and the other two greyed out. They also have a number system. 7-1 7-2 7-3, or 4-1, 4-2 etc. Basically you buy the first house and then have the option to buy the second house, or sometimes its the second floor or second room in a larger building.

When you go to buy a building it will usually have 3 or 4 options it can be. 1 is always Residence which gives you an instanced personal house to decorate and add a few useful items. The other ones are what you need for extra workers, refining, crafting. So using 4-1 as an example, it could have an option to be a Stable, a Lodging a wood workshop and the residence. Building 4-2 could have the option for Storage, goldsmith, lodging and residence. If you know you want to deal with horses but aren’t going to be big into other crafting, you’d probably want to choose the Stable as your first purchase and possibly make 4-2 a lodging one. Lodging will allow you to have more than one worker in that town.

So you’ll need to consider what you want your buildings to be carefully basically since there’s only a couple options for some of the special building in each city and if you choose to make it your residence, it can’t be used as a stable…until you rebuild it into one at an additional cost later.

Some of the basic building types have no or little cost other than a CP or two. But the more special ones will cost 2k silver or so in addition to the CP points.

Advanced note: Building options have either one, two or three triangle-type arrows next to them. If it has more than one, it means you can expand that building level that many extra times–making choosing that option usually a better one. So a building that has Storage with 3 arrows after it, would make choosing to make that building a storage one even stronger since warehouse storage space is a huge limiting factor and there won’t be more than 2 or 3 other buildings in that town with a single storage option.

Wall of text stop.
(I’ll try to prettify this later possibly so shoot me any questions or suggestions on this)

PS. @teh_ninjaneer is the pro at Amity in conversations so far so bug him in-game :wink:

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Great post. I was having problems with on of my houses as I couldn’t enter it. It took me a long time to figure iut that you can only have one of thise activated at a time.

Also I’ve seen some rooms that have more than three upgrade. One of the ones im looking at has 5 storage upgrades which are much needed in this game for a hoarder like me.


Yes storage will be a premium if you plan on doing crafting stuff


Thanks for the post @ghosthog. I just started playing this weekend with a guest pass and it’s quite overwhelming but in a very good way. i saw these houses but didn’t bother so far since i need to figure out the trade-route-node-connecting-and-making-profit-with-packs stuff first. :wink:


I found some helpfull guides too:

Horse taming and breeding

Gardening and farming

Conversation and amity

Node management and workers

All are updated recently and are for the western version.


So, say I hire a worker in Heidel City. Can I send him to a connected node outside of the city, like Costa Farm or Moretti Plantation to work? Or does he have to work within the city?

And if you can do that, how do you go about it sending him there.


Yes, as long as you have the Resource node’s sub-node as well. That’s explained in the link at top. Click on sub-node and there should be a link to manage it. When you click on that, it will allow you to assign a worker to it. Default is just one trip but bottom right section allows you to change that.


Hijacking (well, revitalizing, rather) @ghosthog’s great post on nodes. Here is a comprehensive google doc of every BDO Node and Resource, where to find them, who the node manager is, and how many contributions point needed for the node.

As always, for an exact location on the map I like to use this map which allows you to type in what kind of resource you need and then will show you that node.

Tonight @Wheatception posed the idea of what nodes we use and how we use them based on location, contribution points, etc. My three predominant nodes are the Iron Ore North of Heidel and the Flax and Wheat located South of Heidel in Costa Farm. As I begin to move my major assets to Calpheon, I will expand around there. Please feel free to add what nodes you use!