BDO Off-the-Grid Living



For those of you who like this sort of thing; the Long-Leaf Sentry Post offers housing high up in the trees. Quite the cool little village. It’s quite a ways SW of Calpheon, near Trent.


It’s probably good that I didn’t get this game, I probably wouldn’t be doing as well in school…


Yea, it can be addicting…
I’ve tried to cut back some the last week or so to keep up with my classes.


leader of the pack lol.


That’s just my empire of workers keeping busy lol :sunglasses:


Im pulling up the rear but coming on fast!!! :smile:


Fuck man I can’t decide whether to get this game or dark souls 3. This one IS cheaper… Idk I’ll need to think about it more.


TBH I dunno if it is your style, 100% would welcome more people just trying to temper the hype LOL.

Ask someone to bum a 7 day trial but download it first because the DL is like 32 GB or something.

The combat is super engaging and the world is a blast but it certainly has it’s flaws.


I’ll second what @GuardianX said. Love the game but has its flaws and not for everyone. Sending you a code to give it a try if you want though :smile:


Thanks you two lol. Looks to be my style of game @guardianx
You think you KNOOOOW me!? Oh heeeeell nah girl hold may weave