[BDO] Screen Shots



BDO Is an awesome looking game, and is great for People like my self. That can be just tooling along and see a great sunset or the sun beams are looking great in the trees, and just have to Stop to be cam happy. :smile:

[Black Desert Online] StratsCo [Guild]
[Black Desert Online] StratsCo [Guild]

Peek A Boo

Stop In the name of… Awwwww Who am I kidding?? I can’t carry a note in a bucket with a lid. :laughing:


Hey, it’s @Zymora! Welcome back.


Thanks V!




[Black Desert Online] StratsCo [Guild]

Working Hard in the kitchen!


Arrrrrrr M8


Cool, someone took you out on their boat? :slight_smile:


yeap Thank you @Droul