BDO The Musa/Maehwa (Blader/Plum) class release



BDO The Musa/Maehwa (Blader/Plum) class will be released April 20th.

There are slight differences in the two besides male/female, but if you like a fast melee character, this may be the one for you. Sounds like sort of a glass canon though, somewhat like Sorceress in that if you miss up a dodge, you will take a licking.


I think I’ll try them, but I think in the end I’ll still end up waiting for the Ninja or Kunoichi.

Interesting that the Blader is more focused on AoE damage while the Plum is focused on single target.


Yea, I’m not sure which I’d like better the Musa or the Ninja but I like the somewhat samurai feel of the Musa so we’ll find out soon I guess.