Be a guest on VSYNC, a little podcast by Travis Vocino



What’s up So, for the longest time I’ve wanted to do a podcast. Now, I’m going to finally do it. So I’m asking you, the interesting people out there, to be my guests.


VSYNC is a weekly 1 hour one-on-one conversational talk show about you and your video game life, starting at the beginning. I act as the host, interviewer, and facilitator but the star is you.

How did you grow up? What was your first video game experience? How do you balance work and your hobby? You get the idea.


We will be on a Google Hangout to ease conversation by seeing each other but the show will be audio only.


VSYNC is published by Strats & Co. and will be available on YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Soundcloud, and where ever else audio podcasts are normally available. For video formats, we’ll be chatting over gameplay.


There are a few requirements necessary to make it a good show that you must agree to. To be a guest you must:

  • allow the use of your real name.
  • be open to talking about your childhood and your real life
  • treat the format with seriousness and respect

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I really want people who are willing to get into things and have a frank and real discussion with me. If that’s you, please write a little something here and I will start a queue. As this is not live, I can take on more recordings and keep a good release cadence.


you have peaked my interest. I would like to have a conversation more about this if you are okay with that.


Oh, I’m totally in~


Sure, send me a PM if that’s what you mean.


Per Discord: I’m down pretty much amy time other than this week.


Is this going to be PG-13? I would love to be a guest but the “Jersey” in me may come out.


Good question. I am flagging “explicit” in the iTunes XML spec but I would like to keep it above just cursing for the sake of cursing, I suppose.


the problem is getting @auth to stop talking about himself :wink:


I wish the little like button had a 1-5… this would be a 5 occasion.


Count me in! :slight_smile:


Totally would love to do this.


Well shit… If i can keep my vocabulary in check, I’d be down :slight_smile:


I’d be up for this


Sure why not xD


I am definitely interested. Count me in, Vocino


I’ll be one of your test subjects doctor, but unless we can skim some stuff down, it might have to be a two part series. Do you think you could send a mock draft of the type of questions you would like to ask/ or talk about? It’s kinda hard to talk about 24 years of video games in an hour :smile:


Sign me up :smiley:


Lol Drizz! I can see it now: ‘Well in that (bleep) hard (bleep) Dark Souls one death run … (bleep)’


I would like to be a part of your podcast. Please PM me to set up any times and settle any details for your pod cast.


I am down @vocino! You ll get the European perspective!