Be careful doing Level 28 Prison of Elders in Destiny



I loaded up level 28 Prison of Elders for the first time, and ran it with Sarathil and a random. I think we wiped once. We got too excited with the scorch cannons and didn’t disarm the mines. No big deal, we grind it out no problem otherwise. We get to the end, drop into the treasure room, and I die from the fall (darn Warlock ankles!). The random opened the chest, which started the timer, and it ran out before I could make it back down and get any loot after respawn. I was pissed. It means I still have my key and I can run it on that level and get rewards, and I did get a rare ship (whoop de doo). So, time wasted is all.

The take aways:

  1. Be careful with that end drop. If you take damage, take a second and heal it before you continue the fall.

  2. Try to run that scenario with friends and people on chat, so as to not get screwed by someone opening a chest before everyone is ready.

  3. Make sure you get good sleep before you decide to do any of these important scenarios. I was so tired even before we started playing, and that combined with the newness meant I was playing sub-par and making bad decisions.



Great advice keep it coming!


Good to know! Also, don’t try to cheese the nightfall in any way. It was easier just to bust through it, than to try and cheese it.


Reminds me of my wow days. I ran a raid tons of times trying to get a set piece. One time it finally dropped. I was the only warlock in the group and it wad mine. The leader accidently gave it to a hunter with a name similar to mine. AHHH!


I really enjoy Destiny but I have it for 360 so I have no Strats folks to play with


Yeah @ohnokenzilla that was rough to watch. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop the guy from opening the chest >.< On a lighter note your death reminded me of when Skyrim first came out and if you tripped over a boulder just right it would kill you instantly. Regardless of whether it fell on you or not.


Look, Blink! @blinkbrac, some helpful tips for your run! :smile:


Yikes, that all sounds painful!


Yeah the game has gotten very kinda platformy. One of the ways to get Treasure Keys to use after the death fall is to hunt these certain groups and open a chest that spawns. IF you find the chest in time, you can zone quickly, come back, and open it a second time. It’s all about racing on your speeder bike and timing your jumps. Kinda stressful. I’m terrible at that super mario bros kinda stuff. Combined with a fear of heights, you can imagine how well I loved Vault of Glass’s jumping puzzle. Oh well, like a muscle the only thing for it is to get practiced and strengthen teh skills. Also, bring friends.


Holy crap man. I would be so mad. Luckily you can run it multiple times even if you don’t have a key. So now you can do it again on a higher level.


I got to Skolos on lvl 35 in the prison of elders lastnight with a few close friends. We had 2 33’s and a 34 after wiping numerous times and hitting a brick wall in terms of wiping over and over we gave up at around 3 am PST. There are boss mechanics that I know for a fact are going to limit the number of people able to clear the strike just due to the lack of survival many people have lol.

Don’t want to provide any spoilers but you can find more details about the fight online im sure or ask me later tonight when I’m online.

I do have to say after the fact that lvl 35 PoE is by far the most challenging thing I have done in destiny and is by far the most fun i have had playing the game. I’m excited to continue to gear up and crack some fallen skulls with all of you.


Hey! I resemble that remark!

I am simultaneously intrigued and frightened. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to participate in the HoW missions. I hope to buy 1st piece of legendary armor tonight, just need 15 more marks.


I’m down if you guys are on when I’m on! I know the time difference makes it hard. Name on here = name on PSN


Its ok Barry! Your still new to the game and should not feel discouraged. We were all once Kinderguardians, but I feel that you are almost ready to grduate! We need to do some more crucible btw.That was a lot of fun the other night.


I might be able to get on for an hour or two tonight, gotta get it done! Pew pew!