Be fan since 1942


Yo I’m battlefield player since bf 1942 was leader in AC/DC clan in bf2 was involved in lots of event at the time …played lots of bf4 alone and now hooked to bf1 …need a clan to join in to play with teammates …from Canada ontario


Whats going on man. Welcome to strats. Im pretty new here as well and i gotta say these fellas are pretty cool. What console are u on?


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Nice to see another BF1942 veteran around these parts (though, admittedly, I played the Desert Combat mod almost exclusively). Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome, friend. BF1942 was amazing. I sunk countless hours into that game in the early morning hours.


Welcome to Strats fellow Canadian!


Playing on ps4


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