Beatrate is eager to try Strats and conquer CS:GO



Hello, I’m Beatrate, the real name’s Nick, and I’m interested in joining this community(because currently I don’t have anyone to play with). I’m from Russian Federation, mainly play singleplayer games of various genres from shooters to RPGs (except strategies); really enjoy CS:GO and hope to find someone for jolly cooperation. By the way, I’m 17.


Welcome to the Dark side.


Welcome to the Strats family, hope you have fun =^-^=

##Praise Beatrate


Welcome, new blood. Muhahaa


Welcome to the Strats fam! :slight_smile:




Privyet! At least I think that’s the best way to spell it in English. My years of reading and playing the Marvel Comics hero Colossus has made me an excellent speaker of Russian.


Welcome to Strats!


Hey @Beatrate Welcome to Strats! :smile:


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