Been here since last year, about time I give an intro


Hey guys,

CaptainJack here, or MeetUsOverboard, or Stormy Daze, or Daydreamin, whatever.

My name is Vin. I’m a young guy (24) who just got divorced, finally moved back into my old house, and is looking forward to taking some time to myself for a while. I’ve got two young daughters, and I spend the weeks by myself. Playing games all week? Playing games all week.

I love games, and I love people. I’m a graphic designer by trade, and I love to scuba dive, rock climb, and be outside. I plan on streaming, so I’ll be trying to get into the twitch group, too.

I look forward to talking to all of you guys here.
Cheers! <3


Officially welcome to the party Cap’n :joy:.

What are your games of choice??


Right now, hopping full force back to Albion.

But mostly MMO’s. Diablo 3, WoW, Tibia,and a whole bunch of others. I’m a massive Dark Souls fan. Overwatch and stuff too. A whole bunch.


How about that nerf bat Blizzard is swinging in the coming patch, eh?

Also, welcome to the party :wink:


Welcome to the party & glad you stepped out from behind the curtains! The :beers: are over there. Get them before @Ausylon does.


Welcome back aboard!


:smile: @xploz1on we have another one!

Glad to see another souls fan.


Welcome to the cave matey!! Have fun go wild, drink lots of rum!!!

And a freaking pirate too!!! :smiley:


No death, no bonfire in DaS2. :slight_smile:
My personal best achievement in a game.


Welcome to the Strats family!


Welcome back to the crazy train.


Official welcome!


welcome aboard




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