Beginner's Guide to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - (WIP)


This is a beginner’s guide that was requested upon for people interested here on Strats on FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. It is currently a Work-In-Progress guide as I’ll be working on it currently when I got time to do so.


The Beginner’s Guide to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Welcome everyone to the beginner’s guide for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! This guide will do its best to cover the basics for the adventurer just starting out in XIV’s world of Eorzea! Please also note I will not be saying “push X key” for things. This game can be played with keyboard and mouse OR controller (depending on what platform you are playing it on). Also… If you are trying this game out with the 14 day Trial, please also note that there are restrictions placed upon you playing as a trial account. Those restrictions can be found here.

With that being said, lets get stated with the different classes available in game, broken down into their specific Disciples.

Each specific class in FFXIV is its own to level up. Combat classes are broken down into Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic. Crafting classes are known as Disciple of the Hand, and gathering classes are known as Disciple of the Land. When you first start a new character, you’ll have to choose which Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class you’d like to start the game as (excluding Rogue). Once you level up to Level 10 and do your Level 10 class quest, then you’ll be able to go to other guild’s to unlock and start other classes (no matter if they are other combat or crafting or gathering). Please also note that each capital city is home to certain guilds. If you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was, then you’ll wanna go to all the cities and unlock them.

Disciple of War
The following classes are considered Disciple of War classes…

Gladiator - Sword and Shield wielding. These guys are tanks
Marauder - 2-Handed Axes. These are also tanks.
Pugilist - Use fist weapons. They are a DPS (damage dealing) class
Lancer - Use spears, lances. They are also a DPS class
Archer - Use bows. They are DPS class
Rogue - Use Daggers, and they are also a DPS class (Cannot start the game as one. They were introduced in patch 2.4. Must go to Rogue’s guild to unlock)

Disciple of Magic
The following classes are considered Disciple of Magic classes…

Thaumaturge - All about the fire and ice damage and explosive magic. These guys are a DPS class
Arcanist - DoT (damage over time) magic, and summon pet. Arcanists start as a DPS class.
Conjurer - Healing magic - This is the only Healer specific class in game before level 30.

Disciple of the Hand
Classes that fall under the Disciple of the Hand are the crafting classes of the game. To maximize crafting to its FULL potential, you will want to unlock and level them all up. Each crafting class has specific skills that you can cross class over into other crafting classes to make HQ (high quality) gear and end game gear or furniture, or in the case of culinarian, food.


Disciple of the Land
Disciple of the Land classes are the gathering classes in game. You’ll want these to help lower the cost of your crafting to save gil, or in some cases of people, they focus on gathering and selling materials as a living. To maximize 2/3 Disciple of the Land classes, you’ll wanna cross class their specific skills for the other (miner and botanist)


Leveling your first class is pretty straightforward for the most part. You’ll be sticking mostly to Main Story quests (quests with the fire/meteor symbol behind them) and doing any side quests that are in the area that a Main Story quest is in. Also going into dungeons when you unlock them as your story progresses. You will NOT have enough quests to level all your Disciple of War and Magic classes to max level, so there are a couple things you can do to supplement gaining XP at that point, and we shall go over them down below.

Guildleves or Leves for short are kinda like mini quests or objectives you can do for XP, gil, or sometimes they even reward items or gear. NPC’s for those are usually all over Eorzea, but mostly found in towns, camps, outposts. Most combat related will have you kill things, though there are a couple that you can escort npcs to objectives. Crafting ones have you turn in items, Miner and botanist ones have you go gather, and fishing ones have you turn in fish.

F.A,T.E.s (Full Active Time Event or FATES) are Random special events that happen throughout the world when exploring. Most have you just kill monsters for XP, though a couple have you gather items. Completing them gives you XP, gil, Grand Company seals, and sometimes an item or a title (depending on the specific FATE. More can be read up about them here.


well done on the guide


Thanks @xALRock! Its still a work in progress, though as I have more to work on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice write up! Thanks @Dravenheart


thanks @Vocino! Its still a work in progress, but its coming along nicely :slight_smile:


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:smiley: This is really great. Nice job on putting this together. I’m sure there will be plenty more as you dig into breaking this out further.


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This guide has been a lot of help. Thanks again @Dravenheart :smile:

One thing I’d add is to make sure you keep up your hunting log. It brings in some nice xp for leveling and pretty much follows your leveling areas. Unless you forget about it like I did and then have to go wandering around to old spots you were in before lol.

I’m guessing the same is with the Challenge log you get after level 15, though I haven’t started on that yet.


Well its still a work in progress, but I will definitely add the hunting log in there @ghosthog, :smile:

Just haven’t found much time to work on it this week with RL stuff and then working on stuff for the Free Company. :smile:

The challenge log is a weekly thing though. The quest to unlock it is in Limsa Lominsa and I think its a lv 15-16 quest. So the challenge log resets every tuesday. :slight_smile:


@Dravenheart: Great job on the write up, Heathers! :purple_heart: