Beginners Guide to They Are Billions



They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans. Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse?


If you’re like me & jumped straight into They Are Billions, you’ve likely encountered some head desk moments along the way as you’ve learned the ropes. To help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve encountered, I’ve put together this guide to help you along the way.

It will remain a work in progress so long as I keep playing the title, so bookmark away!

Updated: January 5, 2018

Use the Pause Button

Pausing your game while you build should your modus operandi. Not only does this prevent the enemy from going batshiznit crazy on you while you’re popping structures all over the place, you can also cancel the build for free should you change your mind.

Manage Your Resources

I consider there to be two types of resources - absolute and renewable. Absolute resources (workers, food, power) have maximums that are increased through the building of structures, while renewable ones (gold, wood, stone, iron & oil) are what you need to build structures/upgrades with and can accrue over time.

Rule of thumb is to never run out of workers. To ensure you can build homes for your workers, you’ll need food. To build either, you’ll need renewable resources. And on top of this, you’ll also need to ensure you have sufficient power & room.

Soldiers are Useless

When you start, you’ll be given a solider (a uselessly slow noisemaker) and four rangers. Feel free to send that solider to an early death as he/she will be slow, loud (noise attracts the infected) and have a pathetically low HP count. As you start to outfit your army, remember this formula: Snipers > Rangers > Soldiers.

Double-build Walls

The infected, especially in large masses, consider walls nothing more than toothpicks glued together. This added layer of protection to slow them down should give your adequately planned defenses the time necessary to save you from disaster.

Choke Points

The infected can’t traverse mountains, swim through lakes, or sneak through forests. Use the landscape to your advantage and do your best to funnel them through natural or artificial choke points.

Got some further tips to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below & I’ll look to add them as I continue to update the guide.

  • Never stop expanding your colony. You need the room for new houses, food, mills etc.

  • Only update a structure when you have no room to build a simple one. updated buildings have a higher gold upkeep eating away your funds.

  • Build a market asap (you need the tech and 200 pop) so the recources you don’t use are being sold automaticly. Also build your tents in a way that the market can be build at a central point giving you the food bonus (as far as the map allows that is). Also keep in mind you also want to place a bank there too for more gold/house.

  • Choke Points are nice for defending your colony early on while you are quickly expanding but a huge wave easily overwhelm a short wall where you can’t build much defensive buildings or place troops. In general you need to have at least 3-4 layers of walls at the end.

  • Don’t use power plants unless you run out of space for mills. they eat to much resources wich otherwise provide you with gold income.

  • Do yourself a favor and start on a low difficulty setting. I recommend 10% score factor even though it won’t unlock the next map (you need at least 20% for that) i think it is allready a challenge without being frustrating.


In the lowest population setting soldiers are alright since the zombie groups are smaller but after that they suck big time since the noise they create will draw massive hordes to you.

Big thing they need to do is buff soldiers in some fashion I think. Either make them as cheap as a ranger (but cost iron instead of wood) or buff their other stats so they are definitely better than rangers. Another option would be to decrease the amount of noise they make so they don’t draw every zombie to your location pretty much.

Another thing I suggest is to not get Advanced Mills. Those things give eat up a lot of your gold maintenance cost compared to regular Mills for only a small power increase. Those would either need to have the gold maintenance cost lowered or increase the power they generate by a good margin (Avanced Mills generate only 30 power more than Regular Mills but cost a little less than 7 times more in gold maintenance costs).

I also think it would be nice if we had a power plant that would consume oil. It would be a nice alternative for those who don’t rely on units that rely on oil too much.