Best grinding spots?



What do you think are the best grinding spots? Places with groups of trash mobs that respawn quickly and give decent XP? I’ve been grinding the zombie area in south Coldharbor (I call it Zombieland), but I am getting less XP now that I am VR2 in one character. Any other good spots there, as that one can get crowded?
I might have to finish the main quest with that character so I can jump to another alliance zone in Cadwell’s Silver. Grinding seems to be the fastest way to get Champion Points and XP. With inspiration going, I can get 2-3 champion points in a couple hours. It’s also a great way to level up skills you aren’t using but will later, as you just put them on the bar and only use a couple for grinding.


How are the Crag grinds nowadays? Used to get upwards of 2M xp per hour on a good day, but that was months ago. Unless your looking for grinding spots for your non VRs, then i have no idea.


My VR14 Sorc would run Crag, but the others are VR1 (Vr2 for DK), so I am a bit nervous about grinding there unless I see large crowds. Might try it anyway just to see if it can be done, as it would give a lot more XP than Coldharbor.


I gave Crag a try with my VR2 Dragonknight, and it’s a no go. Just too hard unless I join a group, and it was fairly empty, as everyone is leveling alts. I keep seeing alts in Coldharbor with the 6-9 month loyalty reward, so pretty sure it isn’t their original character. I guess I’ll have to buckle down and complete the main quest so I can get Cadwell’s Silver and level appropriate areas.