Best Headset for Xbox One?

I’m looking for a good xbox one headset without breaking the bank. I’m a little bummed my G35 isn’t compatible with my xbox, but that’s okay. I’d preferably like to keep it under $100, if possible. The less, the better. If anyone knows of any good deals, as well, that would be stellar!


If you still want to use your G35’s, and your have your PC and Xbone on the same network you can stream it to your PC using the Xbox windows store app. This works best on a wired connection, sometimes you’ll get some stream lag over wifi.

I do the above most of the time that way I can still use my G35’s (it makes parties so much better). Plus it’s a nice bonus having my PC right in front of me for whatever I need.

I bought the Turtle Beach XO Four for my stepson last Christmas. It seems to work well.

It’s sort-of a wired headset. It comes with an audio controller that plugs into the bottom of your XB1 gamepad. So the headset will be connected to your gamepad and not your console. Looks like you can get it for about $60-70. I do believe the headset can also be used with mobile devices…

I would suggest looking over all the Turtle Beach headsets. You might find a different style that you prefer.

This is the one I was kind of considering but have never had any experience with Turtle Beach so I wasn’t sure.

I’d have to test them out in xbox, but i LOVE my hyperx cloud II. SUPER comfy and has a really good soundstage for any competitive titles. I am hearing sold things about the hyper stinger and revolver, though i think the latter is $$$

Was looking at getting the HyperX Cloud Stinger. Do you have to have the adapter for xbox one though?

Not sure on the stinger. I assume that the x1s came with the 3.5mm controller. If so it should plug right in. I know it works that way on ps4

Yep it is just a 3.5 mm plug! Looks like that’s what the stinger has too. I decided to just go with the stinger for now since I’m on a budget. I’ll upgrade in the future if need be. :slight_smile:

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Last year for Christmas I bought my brother the HyperX Cloud II (Pro?) headset and he seems to really like it. It felt really well built.

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