Best of Steam Summer Sale 2017


With the Steam Summer Sale of 2017 live until July 5, I thought it would be cool to see what y’all recommend buying and why. All I ask is that you only toss up the games you’d stake your name to - we don’t need a laundry list of your Steam library just because.

As replies & recommendations come in, I will update this post with the title you’re recommending and a link to the comment so people can see what you suggest they spend that hard earned cash on it. Alternatively, with the post being a Wiki you could do it yourself too!


I will stake my name to the games I posted about back in May. The Steam store is currently getting slammed so it’s hard to grab links. All of these games are currently on sale:

  • Dead Cells is $14.44
  • River City Ransom: Underground is $10
  • Yooka-Laylee is $30
  • The Surge is $37.49

Not bad for some games which have been released for 4 months or less.

I’ll also mention Darkest Dungeon. Regularly $25, the base game is currently $10. Also, a DLC pack was just released back on Monday of this week. That DLC is $10 itself, so you can buy both during the Steam sale for less than the base game.

And finally, Prey is on sale for $40. Also a great price for a game which is about 6 weeks old.


I want to play yooka but I was a backer and I chose to get it on the switch. It just felt wrong to leave Nintendo’s warm embrace for a banjo kazooie successor.


Backer as well. It’s pretty much an exact Banjo - Kazooie clone and I absolutely love it


+1 for Darkest Dungeon!


If driving games are your thing, Project Cars is 67% off and Euro Truck simulator is 75% off in the sale: and

Also, one of my favorite underrated survival games, The Long Dark, is 60% off:


I went the puzzle game route this summer sale
I got the summer puzzle bundle and the relaxing game bundle among others. Quite a few neat puzzle type games for cheap this go around.


Two of the five games on my wishlist didn’t go on sale, and those that did only went as high as 30% off :cry:

I’m still on the fence about what might earn my money this go around.


This is a whole lot of game for 4 bucks. If you are interested in trying this game before the sequel is released this fall, then now is the best chance ever.


This just might be the best deal of the entire summer sale.