Best place to farm Fallen?

I have 4 Queen’s bounties for Fallen stuff. What’s the best story or patrol area to farm them? I also need to kill 3 walkers =/

Fallen are found everywhere except mars.

1 great place to farm Fallen is on Venus. If you take the path to the left on your sparrow after arriving on Venus for patrol, you will come to an area where there is a small group of fallen on the ground in front of you, and further ahead there is a raised platform where there are more fallen that will begin shooting down at you.
This whole area has a lot of fallen and they respawn very quickly.

I started off doing the two missions to kill the bosses, Riksis and Draksis, if you take the time to headshot most of the fallen as you progress through them, you’ll end up with close to 3/4 the kills you need and probably finish the other 3 bounties. After that, I’d turn to the spot on Venus that @Wayward described

The three walkers can be found in the earth strike. But it’s easier to find them on the earth patrol in the same spot. Just rave over there and kill it, return to orbit and repeat. They day on reddit you can complete this in fifteen minutes.

also, if you want to hit the treasure cave there is a group of fallen near by that spawn quite quickly. if your shooting into the treasure cave turn to 3-o-clock and they tend to hang out just on the other side of the little building there.

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I use that group when I have the “kill 3 or more enemies with your super 20 times” bounty.

Kill cave until super is charged, blow them up, repeat.

Yep I learned that one from you :wink: