Best way to get rare fusion rifles to break down?

I’m on this terrible exotic bounty for the fusion rifle and I need to break down 10 rare or better. Ugh.

Is there any slightly more productive way to do this than to cross my fingers after every crucible match?

Wait for the gunsmith to sell them and buy 10.

What currency does he accept?

Glimmer. They usually post a notification on the reddit just saying he has them in stock. You can also check the gunsmith stock from the companion app.

Remember, the gunsmith refreshes stock every three hours, so download that companion app and check your life away until they are stocked

I agree with @DanceBurgerDance. Just spam the app every three hours, it’s all about being there at the right time or getting someone to log on for you. Good luck with the last part. That’s the time consumer

Cool, I’ll be on the app all day waiting and checking every 3 hours next to my PS4 in my mom’s basement.

Wait, no I’ll be at work. Hopefully it pops tonight.

LMAO! Dream big bro!

If you see the he’s selling them while you’re at work just tell your boss you have to go so you can buy the guns. I’m sure they’ll understand.

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Heh, I was just kidding. We actually have PS4s all around the office but I don’t have my Destiny account on them. I could set that up perhaps.

Gunsmith is selling rare fusions get em fast only there for the next three hours.

Ninja Edit: @Vocino


I’m currently on my way home. I MIGHT just make it!

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The suspense is killing me @Vocino! Did you make it?

Oh man, don’t get me started… Comcast was out when I got home! Just my luck.

Well then, now I wait.

Sounds to me like Comcast owes you compensation for pain and suffering. Perfect lawsuit material IMO.