Best way to kill Pride Demons? Single Player Help

I’m doing one of the story missions, and I had to kill a bunch of pride demons. It took an eternity for me to do this, because they kept gaining full Guard and I think they might be resistant to electricity damage (I’m a mage). Do you guys have any tips?

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Yeah they’re resistant to electricity and should be weak to spirit… if you hit the TouchPad on the controller and put the Marker over the pride demon, or anything else, it will tell you what it’s resistant to and weak against

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Man, I think I might know where your at Pitt… and it’s terrible

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I just encountered my first Dragon and I was so excited. How far into the game is skyhold? I have been playing forever and I am almost lvl 9 but seem to still be in the beginning stages from what I have been told.

Skyhold is around level 12 I’d say (I have to go at a lot slower pace for nightmare mode so you might do it at lower levels, say 10) You end up in Skyhold after you do the mission to close the rift in the sky

Levels 8 to 11 is skyhold

@Nubhugs i switched to a slightly weaker fire staff, and it was a whole different (and better) experience.

What about bag space? I am starting to run out of space all the time. Is the only way to increase that through the inquisition points?

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yes, you can only increase it through Influence. I had to really study how to use the “Valuables” tab in the inventory:

Do NOT sell any items that are yellow “junk” items, as those are for the bestiary. Other than that, you can sell everything in there, i’m pretty sure. Although some people said you may have to use some of the stones for crafting, I havent seen it in my game. Sell all the weapons and armor you dont use. I usually put them in the valuables tab by pressing L2 (i think…)

Bag space can be increased by 15 but that’s about it, like Pitt said you can get it through Influence. That’s one of the few annoying things when you are in the middle of something, sometimes you just have to head back to camp to sell off everything. I personally didn’t buy the bag space increase

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It seemed like every time I start a major story mission, I seem to forget to empty my bag space first… :cry: Luckily for my most recent blunder, I caught it early and loaded up an earlier save and lost minimal progress.

If I forget I just discard all the extra armor… gold isn’t all that important anyways really you’re just gonna stockpile it

Any reason to keep the dragon staff and armor from pre ordering the game? It looks cool so I am wondering if at some point it can be upgraded to suit the level. Seems silly they give you an item you can use for like 5 levels

No reason to keep them. If I remember correctly Skyhold has a chest that gives you schematics to make better versions

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ah the ever elusive skyhold. I am on a never ending journey to find you skyhold.

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Don’t worry! What’s your main storyline mission right now?

I just did the storm coast in ferelden

@Nubhugs is right, once you go to Skyhold, in the undercroft is a chest with more schematics

are they schematics to build new ones or to upgrade the old ones? i was going to upgrade to get the items and the mounts…do you guys think its worth 10 extra bux?

Build new better ones basically, look just like old ones but stats are a crapton better

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