Bethesda: Convince Peter Jackson to direct an Elder Scrolls movie


"Would Bethesda ever give the greenlight to an Elder Scrolls movie? Marketing executive Pete Hines says in a new interview that Bethesda has no interest in turning its franchises into movies–unless Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson wanted to be involved.

Hines told that Bethesda gets approached “all the time” with movie offers but has turned them down over fears that producers might not do the franchise justice."


that’s my new favorite “I want” gif



That’d be interesting. I imagine that’d be a fair amount of freedom on Jacksons behalf since he’d be able to pull from a ton of different time periods, locations, etc.


Well, I mean, he wouldn’t be the one that writes it and I think the reason he’d never do it is because he wouldn’t have the freedom to adjust things, if they are that tight about who does it, I guarantee they’d be all up in his business the whole time. Considering how much liberty he took with the Hobbit films, something tells me he would think twice before accepting that gig.