Biggest Disappointments of 2014

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I could have told you long before it was released that it was going to be trash: Look at the embargo fiasco for that game! Embargoes that lift AFTER a game comes out is a bad sign, especially for a company that knows what they are doing.

When I went to San Diego Comic-Con last year, they always have a big AC presence, allowing you to compete in multiplayer in the newest game and having a large 10-15 minute presentation showing off the single player.
Last year: none of that. The only part of the game I saw was the exact same demo section they showed everywhere, and played only by an Ubisoft representative…and the game STILL glitched out on an optimized vertical slice! It was also being showed outside in broad daylight, so you could barely see the screens.


NHL 14 is up there for me.

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This sounds terrible, I had no idea they were hiding it that much. I think initially, review sites were giving Unity a favorable review at launch. It was once the public started to find all these awful bugs that things went upside down. It’s so hard to trust anyone anymore with game reviews. The “official” reviewers sugar coat things and try to be favorable while sometimes the masses make things way worse than they actually are.

The major complaints with AC:U like frame rate and goofy bugs weren’t even an issue for me, because at that point they were on patch 4 and fixed most of the technical issues. You can’t fix boring content though.

What review sites are you talking about?

Didn’t sites like IGN and Eurogamer give it a 7? I could be wrong

For me it has to be Thief. I really enjoyed the older games but that one just didn’t do it for me.

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Biggest disappointments of 2014?

Gaming in general. :frowning:

I could talk about this for days, but I don’t have the time right now. Maybe one day you guys will get my enormous rant post.

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