BioWare is sending out a "special gift" for Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer



I just received this email. I’m not sure if it’s automatically enabled for everyone but it does read like that.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Shadow Realms™ alpha test. We appreciate your support. We wanted to reach out to show our appreciation by offering you a “thank you” reward in Dragon Age™: Inquisition Multiplayer. Please accept the Dragon Age: Inquisition Shadowed Chest with our thanks!

As of today, you are entitled to claim the Dragon Age: Inquisition - Shadowed Chest per the information below.

  • Start Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Select “Multiplayer”
  • Select “Store”
  • You will be brought automatically to the “FREE” tab
  • Here you will see any free chests available to you that have not been opened yet
  • Open the 'Shadowed Chest’

Thank you for your passionate support. Fans like you mean a lot to us!

BioWare Team


Was just about to post this. Guess it’s something.


curse you slow internet!!! download the game already!!!


I got the email as well.