Birthday weekend schedule and prizes


Its our Birthday!! with the celebration creeping up on us we all need to be promoting the events in our streams, tweets, and other social media if you have it so please include Happy Birthday #teamstrats to your streams and tweets!!! We’ve got some cool prizes for our streamers to give away to their viewers and a whole weekend of game play and shenanigans! So without further ado here is a schedule and prize list.

  • Our #teamstrats members will be streaming starting Friday night with @simplyundrea, @AiKiller, @Droul, @Freshie44 and others playing their favorite games. The fun continues on Saturday with hot streaming action when @Vocino @Auth @Biff_Tannen @dontcallmejames @Daddy join the festivities. Sunday @shane will join the fun with some throwback vintage gaming. Make sure to tune in to his stream to catch the nostalgia. If you are looking for a member to watch just go to the Strats twitch homepage to see who is live!

  • Our regular weekly events will be featured with a new friday event for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection at 9pm est.
    Mine craft on Saturday night at 9pm est with a new weekly event!
    Sunday evening we have Planetside 2 with Op Night! at 5pm est

  • It is our Birthday but the prizes are for our viewers. We have some codes for steam cash, codes for Playstation store cash and a 3 month PSN membership up for grabs. There maybe some secret bonus gifts so dont miss out!!

So come on out with us and enjoy our celebration of 1 year of Strats goodness. We have an awesome community that is growing daily. We look forward to many more birthdays with new people and games at Strats!

Hoping to seeing you all next weekend, cheers!


Man with the plan. @droul you have done a superb job organizing this! I am so very excited to see all the content everyone will show for the birthday weekend!!!


I vote @droul gets a special title ‘Party Planning Committee’


Happy birthday, you guys. :slight_smile:


I’ve put a form up to allow you to choose which games you’d like to see me play for my retro streaming Sunday. If you don’t see it listed and it’s pre-1995, write it in and I’ll try to figure out a way to play it provided I have time.


I tried and it says:
You need permission
This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.

did i do something wrong?

Bloodborne Release-Day Stream TONIGHT!

Hm. I had it set to only let you complete the form if you were logged in to a Google account to make sure someone doesn’t spam something terrible like Cheetahmen. Let me check it out.


Ok, it should be working now. Sorry about that.


VOTE MEGA MAN 2. Also vote Battletoads & Contra. We need to make this the hardest birthday ever ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Where’s the Ninja Gaiden games? D:


I could play them, but I wanted to limit the list to 50 games. You can write one in but I haven’t played more than half an hour of it. I’ll probably fail miserably.


well, you might fail, and that might seem bad to you. But let me assure you, the viewers will love it!


MegaMan2 was like anger management treatment if I remember correctly, either it cured it or made you insane. Demon Souls seemed immensely fair compared to the Megaman games I remember. So yea, I voted that, Contra and then Shadowgate just because I never got to that one unfortunately.


Yeah, I put Mega Man 2 on there specifically because of its difficulty level. The stages are very difficult and bosses are very easy. Shadowgate is my second favorite NES game, and I’ve gotten to where I can beat it in about 13 minutes. If I don’t get to it then, I’ll have to put a video up of a playthrough.


I’ve also got a Steam key of Super Win the Game and a download of Com Truise - In Decay that I’ll be giving away.


I’ve tried several times to beat mega man 2. I don’t know how people get through the end. Truly respect all people who play it, they need a medal.


My votes went in for you @shane; great games by the way.

I’m saying Actraiser, CV:AoS, Illusion of Gaia, MM2, Soul Blazer, Super Metroid, and Terranigma.

:slight_smile: Have fun. I’ll be around to watch some of them if you chose 'em.

In normal mode, almost the entire game becomes a piece of cake with one of the abilities you get from a specific robot master. In Hard mode, RIP in Pepperonis, because the game is too damn hard. I only beat hard mode once, and that’s because I had to (the GCN collectors edition only has hard mode). I’ve beaten the first three MM games more times than I can count though. I have the first three streamed on my YouTube channel.


Then you also need to add the original Ninja Turtles game.


WAIT. HOLD ON. Did you say the collectors edition only has hard mode? I have the PS2 version of the collector’s edition, I assume it’s the same. That’s not fair. No wonder why I got my butt kicked. Mad, mad respect for you Peter being a big mega man fan. I’m checking out those playthroughs sometime.


Yes sir. The anniversary edition (mistakenly called it collector’s edition) of the Mega Man series has all of the games set to their hardest difficulty, that I know of, so there was no option to pick. Couple that with the GameCube version having reversed A and B button functionality, and you can see why it was such a damn challenge for me lol! But yes, huge, huge Mega Man fan, and anxiously awaiting Mighty No. 9 when that drops.



I’ve got a few more games to give away during my stream. Got a copy of Steamworld Dig, Super Chibi Knight, and Borderlands GOTY. The Borderlands game is compliments of a friend that hosts the Storm Unity podcast and runs a monthly meetup called Arcade Jax.