Bites, WW and Vamp



My cooldown is up. Who needs a WW bite?

The Strategy & Co. ESO Guild (NA, AD, Volendrung)

Moved this to the new sexy Fangs & Claws category. @majordomo’s baby.


I need one, but I probably won’t really be on until the weekend, busy week.


I may have a werewolf bite ready by this weekend. Hopefully.


Well, I tried the Werewolf Monday thing in Reddithium and not one person showed. Love that guild. Good thing we have Strat and Co


Heh, yeah I think it might be more successful if you market it here and we can get the Fangs & Claws thing going. I was thinking of setting up a pvp event this weekend. Want to do a bite trading thing beforehand/during/after?


How about a flow chart showing the lineage of scratches and bites… nothing to fancy but it would be cool to see how big it gets before it is broken.

Edit: I just thought that through…at one bite a week, that would grow at a viral rate…don’t know if it is such a great idea.


Werewolf is kind of lame. Is it possible to give it up so I can go for a vamp bite?


It is possible to get healed of your affliction and become a vampire. I’m not sure of the process to cure lycanthropy tho…


Yeah I can solo pretty much anything aside from dungeons but as soon as I try to use my WW I get murdered.


As cool as it sounded in concept, I have to agree it’s not all that great. In beta the werewolf passives (erroneously) carried over to non-werewolf form. That was a bug but unfortunately without it werewolf doesn’t seem to be useful at all.


If anyone has a vampire bite for me that would be great


I’ve got a bite available if anyone wants.


I will be biting @Wheatums310 next Monday unless he gets a bite sooner. Let me know who is up for the Monday after that.


@colp4k (Zharick) needs one bite!

P.S. I’m a nightblade.


Put me in the queue for a vamp bite, i’ve been needing it for a bit.

Got a bite, thanks.


Sorry gais, saving meh bite for my 3rd alt. Upside being I’ll have 3 bites next week :slight_smile:


How do you bite your own alt?


Just done, I get someone on mumble to bite me and I bite them in return! (Or vice versa)


I’ll have a vamp bite ready next week