Black Desert Character Creator download



If anyone is interested, you can download and try out the character creator for this game for free. I’d rather play the game but this is kinda fun too

Edit: Should have put this in another post, sorry


I’ve always wondered why games don’t do this, now a game with the most complex character creation I’ve ever heard of is doing it.



Yeah, already put this in a post a while ago (it wasnt the topic, dont remove this).

Did you get any CBT1 action?


Nope, don’t have a key, still on the fence about pre-ordering but man the character thing is incredible. If they add farming I’d pretty much have zero reason to play albion…


If you have any requests for me to video come CBT2, ill definitely check stuff out for you.


Doesn’t seem to work for me. Loads up and then says it took to long and logs me out.