Black Desert Online Beta



Black Desert Online is an upcoming Korean MMO. I believe it was released in Korea earlier this year and the NA version closed beta is starting next week. I managed to snag a key and wanted to see if anyone else was going to be in the beta as well?

My initial thoughts on the game from trailers and such are that the appeal to the game seems to be some combination of the following:

  1. Graphics. From what I’ve seen the game is the most visually appealing MMO out there. The closet thing I can compare to would be Witcher 3
  2. Action oriented combat (like TERA in some ways) you aim your attacks and combos are built and executed theough specific key strokes
  3. Sandbox style game. There looks to be a lot of immersion elements and the ability to do a lot of different activities.
  4. No loading screens.
  5. Large GvG combat. It looks like guilds can own towns / castles which gives them a percentage of the auction house taxes in that region and then be assaulted for control of that territory.

Anyway I plan on returning and writing up my experience with the closed beta for anyone interested. Hope se other people were able to grab a key!

And the game website for anyone interested:

Black Desert Character Creator download

Linked a couple character gen pics in discord the other day.

The character creator is amazing for this game:

And now for some non-retarded ones!


Oh and there is a closed beta give-away:


Credit goes to a guy on another forum ( or “The ugly black and red site”) for posting the give-away:

You have until Monday the 14th of December 2015 to register for the giveaway.


0:47 … did she just Zangief that guy?


The creator is fantastic. I can’t wait to spend 10 hours making my character and then have them be completely unplayably hideous because I’m terrible at making characters lol.


Keep us informed, I personally am looking at either this or Albion to play on release. Totally will be there during CBT2 though.


What impressed me the most was the house building and fluidity of combat, both are top notch.