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Helpful Resources

This is a complex MMO. There’s quite a learning curve and since this started in Korea over a year ago, many of the resources are slightly off or outdated. One of the tougher things to figure out are Resource Nodes and how to manage them. Here are some things to help out.

A Nice Guide for doing a bunch of dailies in Calpheon once you hit level 40. There’s 16 quests you can do in about 20 minutes that give 1300 CP xp and restores 39 energy. He has a link to a sped up version as well:

More Links
From @GuardianOfLaoria – a good reddit post that includes a lot of guides including Black Desert Bible, that he posted a while back: Who is on board the Black Desert Online hype train?

PvT Wiggles Pet Guide
This a nice overview of pets in-game. His channel has some other good videos on BDO

[Black Desert Online] StratsCo [Guild]
[Black Desert Online] StratsCo [Guild]

here is a great map I like it way better then the one we was using



Guardian was watching that video yesterday. I like that guy quite a bit. He made another video about how to basically never run out of energy - it would only be for things you can do in your house because what you do is set up a timer to know when your energy ticks are going to happen, then you lay down in bed each time because you get more energy by doing that. Its kinda crazy, haha.


I’ll Have To Look That Up


Equipment Calculator