[Black Desert Online] Kenz Looked the Gift Horse in the Mouth



As some of you know, I’ve really fallen in love with BDO and the horse training and taming aspect that comes with it! I’m all about it. I’ve invested in every major horse ranch and spend my time in BDO primarily hunting for wild horses and training up my babes. Last night I conducted the first of many breedings to come with two of my horses. I plan to keep track of my breeding progress, and I’d love for other Stratizens to post their foals as well! Here is colt number one:

Breezeblock is my new T3 stallion. His colors are pretty fugly, but I love him none the less.
Sire: Ixyus - T3 Stallion, Level 7
Dam: Sheoth - T2 Mare, Level 10

I opted to breed them earlier rather than waiting for 30. I’m just not patient enough. Which brings me to my next point…

This horse breeding calculator shows in depth the likelihood of possible tiers and genders for your offspring based on the parents’ level, tier, deaths, etc. I found it helpful, and I’m sure you will as well.

I found this map incredibly helpful for locating horses. Simply uncheck all nodes, npcs, etc. and select horses and it will show you their most well known spots.

Hope this helps!


They grow up so fast sniffle

edit love this horse breeder calculator by the way…


Haha well I’d still be trying to tame my first T1 if not for you :smile_cat:


Very nice @W1thl0v3!

BDO looks really good. Better than I thought it did when I first read about it. I don’t generally like the asian MMO thing though. I hear it still pretty grindy.


I hate grindy games, but this game is different.

The nature of the combat in BDO makes the grind enjoyable. And there is no huge pressure looming over you to get to any particular level because you can do a lot of things at whatever lvl.


I had never played any Asian MMOs myself for this specific reason. The great thing about Strats is that if you have serious FOMO you go buy a game just to play with your favorite people even if you know nothing about it. I am not even level 30, and don’t plan on maxing anytime soon. I love the trade runs, taming and training horses, and crafting. If you want to grind it’s not hard to do, but you can still accomplish all of your hearts desires whether you are level 15 or 45.


Nice calculator… i’m saving that one for future use! I am surprised about the death count seeming to not be a big deal at all, cause i’ve heard people say they bred some horses with deaths and had bad luck, vs breeding without deaths and they had good luck. Perhaps it was just RNG. But I made the mistake of letting one of my T2’s die when getting some nodes to connect to Calpheon :disappointed: Trying to decide if I should pay to reset the death count or not bother…


I would wait to reset death count for a higher tier. Death only effects the percentage by 0.5%. :wink:


haha, ok. hopefully I wont be dumb again and let any higher tiers die anyway :wink: Dang ogres hurting my precious horse! :smile:


This reddit post explains the math better than I can! And yeah that’s the worst. :’(


I have to keep saving all these reddit posts to check out after work, dang work internet blocks reddit! I think that one was linked in the calculator post too, probably the same one? I am interested for sure at checking it out.


I know :frowning: I’ve let a couple of mine die once now. I need to be more careful on where I go afk!


Yea I think I am just too stuck in a WoW mindset (gasp) I actually ran headlong into some ogres to get the node manager without thinking i should just leave my mount somewhere, soo stupid haha. never again…


Lol, I did exactly the same thing.


Oh good I feel less alone :smile:


@W1thl0v3 i saw this horse in Heidel today and thought it was awesome…thought youd like to see :smile:


Today I also saw a few nodes east of heidel is a huge horse ranch. Looks pretty cool.


Wow this is gorgeous! Can’t wait to get into some of the cooler colors :smile:
So tomorrow is the last day of my project (woo!) but I did manage to breed my new male and one of my T2 females and I was pretty excited with the results…

##T3 Mare, Quick Ride
She sure does take after her grandfather
Sire: Breezeblock – T3 Stallion, Lvl 10
Dam: Rupee – T2 Mare, Lvl 7


Had been training my first T1 Mare for sometime but forgot about her, so I bred her to my final breeding with my T3 Stud.

T3 Stallion
Sire: Breezeblock T3 Lvl 10
Dam: Iliad T1 Lvl 10

After I bred those two, I put them in the horse exchange and received this…

T3 Mare
Exchange Breezeblock x Iliad


My own horse breeding has came to a hault as i’ve not been on lately, but i’m close to getting my T1 Stallion to lvl 30 as he is lvl 22 right now.