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[BDO] Black Desert Online | StratsCo Guild [PvX]

Due to several players in guild fading away and no one stepping up to take leadership roles, we’re no longer going to heavily recruit. If you’d like to be in the guild and enjoy some of the guild perks while you play casually, that’s cool. We’ll also offer a path to merge with another guild if you’d like. More details will come soon on that or chat with @GuardianX in mumble.

The StratCo Black Desert Online Guild is PvX Casual. We are a friendly, mature, easygoing group that is more interested in exploring and having fun than ruling the world or dramafests, though we never mind taking on a challenge. Currently we have mainly PvE players but do have a few interested in PvP and hoping for a few more that would like to team up for some PvP or PvE fun.

We use the forums, Mumble, and Discord (chat) for communications (see below for more detail). You can get help from one of our friendly members in any of these channels in addition to guild chat.

What is Strats Co?

Strats is a gaming community that is expanding our BDO player-base. The goal here is to create an environment for mature players to enjoy gaming with like-minded people. We pride ourselves on a community built upon strong friendships, refining our skills, and no toxicity among players.

MEDIAH 1 - check in Mumble for changes

Guild Master:
@Diacuss and @ghosthog


  • For the moment this is a collaborative leadership board. We welcome any members that want to take a leadership role.

Communications & Signing Up

We use our database to authenticate our [Mumble](https://forum.strats.co/t/official-mumble-information-updated/348?u=wheatception) server, which serves as our primary means of communication.

If you are new to Strats.Co please sign up and post an introduction to the community.
Then post a comment below with your in-game name. Keep in mind that your forum name and password will also be your mumble name and password.
Then we’ll need to actually meet you in-game to invite you unless we find another easier method.

We have Discord for chatting as well. Our official channel information is here.

Adherence to our community standards is mandatory for all members.

Guild Rules & Contracts

We expect all members to be respectful and no hate. And while we encourage PvP, we don't promote ganking or anything that will give the guild negative Karma or start a guild war without approval from leadership.

Contracts: Currently we start new members on 7 day contracts. This way you can quit or we can kick you without much of a penalty either way. At the moment, like many guilds, we are asking members not to collect their daily contract wage until we build up the Guild fund and see what Guild costs are coming with the next update for Node wars, etc.

We have no level requirements, but do expect you to help participate in Guild missions. We do gathering ones where any level can participate as well as some combat ones for those level 45 and higher.

Key pages for info, discussion or screenshots:

Helpful Resources

Fun & Discussion

Horse Taming and Breeding


@Diacuss Let’s Play Pirate

@W1thl0v3 Horsing Around

Black Desert Bible
Gamer who lives a now "Adult Life" /sigh
Black Desert Online

I got this started for the guild but made it a wiki so we can all contribute. Thanks to @Wheatception for the graphics!

For those that are interested, some of us have 7 day passes, so post to the end of our Hype page linked here, and we’ll get you one. We’ll delete this note once we’ve given all out.


Looks like a lot has happened in mumble since my forum post.


I have to play this now so @ghosthog and I can team up.


Yes!! You left me alone in ARK so I had to move on lol.
I’ve got a free 7day pass if want it :wink:


can’t wait to buy this game and start killing things.


New pet guide added


Once i get the game I like to join the Guild/clan


Found a active NA version interactive map. Added the link to the OP.


@ghosthog @Diacuss – Do we want to expand the guild to 30 before pushing other guild skills?


Done. Will have to discuss what comes next.


People in this thread are talking about how cap past 30 isn’t being taxed in the current version.

We have enough to buy rk 2 gathering – each rank of gathering seems to shave off 4.5 seconds from the gathering time.


Let me know when we want graphics! Let’s recruit some babies! :strats_green: :strats_green: :strats_green: :strats_green: :strats_green: :strats_green: :strats_green: :strats_green:


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Updated OP with a Nice Guide for doing a bunch of dailies in Calpheon once you hit level 40. There’s 16 quests you can do in about 20 minutes that give 1300 CP xp and restores 39 energy.


Updated with Nice Horse Guide video and a Horse Breeding Calculator. Thanks @W1thl0v3 and @Adeline


updated with[ BDTools] (http://bdotools.com/) Amnity Conversation Calculator. Thanks @GuardianX


Haven’t put this in OP yet. Has some helpful info on guilds - must translate from German with Google.

(Same sight that did horse calculator)


good to finally have a number. 50 players for the first tier of the tax.


It’s a bit long to translate everything but if you want i could translate a part which is of special interest.