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Biggest thing is if you can point to any major omission or mistake by google translate since like you said it would be a lot to manually translate.


Ok. Here we go my translation (also with the help of google ;))

It’s better but far from perfect:

Guild Contracts:

Term(days) Cancellation fee Payment
1 1,000 silver 500 silver
7 7,000 silver 3,500 silver
14 14,000 silver 7,000 silver
30 30,000 silver 15,000 silver`

Payment is payed from Guild Chest.
Based on activity the Guild Leader can change the max payment when a contract is renewed.

Guild Ranks and what they can do:

Guild Leader

Change Guild Icon
make Contracts
Accept Guild Quest and turn them in
Declare Guildwars, make peace
Use the Guildshop
Delete the Duild

Guild Officer

Invite new members
Declare Guildwars, make peace
Use the Guildshop

Bank und Shop

The Guildbank can only be used by the leader and is used to pay taxes, wages, quests and so on.

The Guildshop sells Cannons, Cannonballs, Traps, Ships, Forts, Elixiers (for active Guild Skills). All this can be used in Guild Wars.


4 Kinds of Quests:

  1. Kill Quests
  2. Gather Quests
  3. Crafting Quests
  4. Trade Quests

4 Kinds of Guildskills:

  1. Battle/Fight
  2. Gather
  3. Craft
  4. Trade

(If i understand correctly) the Guild gets xp for the kind of skill it’s completing quests for. To activate an active skill the guild leader needs to buy an elixir and use it. All members with an active contract benefit from the guild skills.

Territorial wars

Guilds can fight for nodes and territories as long as they hold them they get a part of the auction house tax and obtain more resources for their workers.

2 types of nodes can be controlled by guilds:

  • Resource nodes: the workers collect more resources

  • Tax nodes : You get a part of the auction house tax. The obtained silver comes directly in the guild bank and is the main source of income for larger guilds.

There are nodes which combine both types.

A guild can have up to 10 nodes simultaneously . To participate in such conquests the guild must build a tower in/at the node . The design of the tower can be bought in the guild shop . The Tower is then built by the workers of the guild members ( gather materials + build ).

The winning Guild is the one where the tower still stands . The guild then gets bonuses for the node till the next war (one war/fight per week maybe).

PVP and War

Declaring war on another guild costs 200,000 silver. You can be at war with 6 guilds simultaneously. You can declare a war whenever you want.

Once at war with another guild, the guild members of both guilds can fight no matter where and no matter when (open world).

All members automatically participate in the war. The guild master has the possibility to exclude up to 10 members from the war (this can not be undone for 24 hours).

The guild leader and officers can not be excluded from the guild war.


There are guild houses in every city. The house is not purchased with contribution points as normal player houses! Here the guild leader must bid on(?) the house with silver from the guild bank.

When the auction takes place a notification appears in the game and bids can be placed at the auction house NPC.

The guild that wins the auction can use the house for 14 days and can again bid on the same house and own it as long as it wins the auction.

The guild must then every day pay so-called levy taxes , which is the same amount as the former bid for the house. If there is not enough silver in the guild bank to pay this tax, the guild leader may use his own silver to pay the tax.

The Guild can invest Skill points in the house to:

  • train elephants
  • craft items
  • more guild-inventory space

If the guild loses the house , the progress and the items will be saved. The items can not be used by other guilds, but can be used again if the Guild gets the house back.

Seems i suck at formating a post so that it looks nice. Maybe someone with these skill can edit this post.


Thanks @Calibian!! And it looks good to me.

Nice thing is it doesn’t look like the guild sets tax rates, they just get some of the taxes. It will still help them but won’t hurt the smaller guilds.

We should try getting a hall, even if its only for 2 weeks just to see all we can do with it.

It’s also nice we can protect some of our members from a Guild War.

Should you play Black Desert Online?

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Nice! Great work Calibian! I was researching a lot on PVP etc yesterday, kinda makes me feel like starting up a thread about +45 stuff. (mainly cause I want to avoid PVP heh heh heh) Most of the threads I’m reading are people hating on the PVE only people for being such carebears and telling them they should go to another game, so sad! Anyway, that is good you can exclude some people like @ghosthog said


Hey I just made a witch on edan names is Drooppy. how do i get in contact with the guild?


We are usually in the Mediah E1 channel. Mumble is probably the easiest way to get ahold of us since we need to invite you f2f ingame.


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Lovely Lady from ATX
Another person from Texas!

Updated guild page before starting to promote. Let me know if it needs anything added or fixed or you can contribute to the page directly. Moved a few of the screenshots to related threads to clean up the page a little as well.


Guild page cleaned up more today. Moved helpful resources to its own page and added links to our more frequently used topics.

Lillis introduction

Guild mission and scrolls tonight! Hopefully start by 8:30 if have enough so can get it going before the Strats Weekly.

Also keep an eye out for new players to welcome. Posted in Reddit today https://www.reddit.com/r/BDOGuilds/comments/4il8th/na_edanpvx_stratsco_for_mature_casual_players/

and on the BDO forum http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/83224-na-edanpvx-casual-stratsco-for-mature-players/


Hey I saw your post on reddit.
I’m on edan and my name is Liuwen


How is this game? Been looking at it recently and I’m contemplating getting it. Something to do in between leagues in PoE lol


I like it. There’s something for just about everyone. A huge world to explore, GvG and Battleground PvP, lots of crafting, horse taming. Try out the 7 day pass and see what you think. I did and it hooked me.


It’s really fun, but like any MMO, when it comes time to gear up for end game the grind becomes REAL. That being said, the “life skills” part of the game could be its own set of viable mini-games. Depending on your play style, you could have massive amounts of fun and never even touch Lvl 50. Also, the first MMO I’ve played that was designed with a game pad in mind. I use a steam controller but the Xbox pad would be just as good.


Hi there everyone. I’m just downloading the game right now and just wanted to ask what class is easy to play between a witch, sorcerer, valkyrie, and ranger.

Currently leaning towards a witch since I usually play casters but do they always wear a hat on top of their head or is that optional?


Optional, welcome aboard - and yeah, go with the witch.


Yea if you like casters, go with wizard/witch. And you can hide the hat/helm.


Added following

Due to several players in guild fading away and no one stepping up to take leadership roles, we’re no longer going to heavily recruit. If you’d like to be in the guild and enjoy some of the guild perks while you play casually, that’s cool. We’ll also offer a path to merge with another guild if you’d like. More details will come soon on that or chat with @GuardianX in mumble.


Hi my character name is Chandelly Peacecrafts