Black Desert Online



Quick post to organise us and our thoughts post release.

Sever Edan

Main website

If when I m finally able to start a guild hasn’t been made I will organise one for us all. Please post details here in regards to char names etc of anyone you need invited please


Okay so i see we are on Edan but what territory are we starting at?


@Laoria I am not in game yet so could you answer for us all please


Edan is the main server, and Velia is the channel we usually play on.However channels can be changed freely if in a safe zone.


so bsicly channels are just instances of the same world. I think i’m getting ya.


Yeah, more or less. :smile:


Do we have a guild set up for Black Desert yet?


as the only person who was going to play BDO present at the weekly meeting I was asked to create this thread to try and track that very thing but sadly ppl are not posting to this


Family name - Arkamedeez (didn’t realize I had to capitalize the N in Teh_Ninjaneer)

Character name - Funfetti the Valkyrie


Family Name: Diacuss
Character Name: Miyara (Tamer)


I’ll start collecting the money for a guild, 100,000 since i dont think we have one set up. I’ll see if i can grind that tonight. Please post in here if you’re playing and once we get the guild set up we’ll get invites out.


For anyone who doesn’t know how to redeem your preorder items:

You need to log into your account on the BDO website. There you will find the option to send your items to the region/server of your choice. May take up to 24 hours to process.


As far as I know we currently do not have a guild setup.


Well time to head to bed, I’ve gotten 50k to put towards starting the guild. I’ll get the rest of it tomorrow.


Dedication, very nice!!
@GuardianOfLaoria, the Steam Controller for this is amazing! It took a little bit to get it working with the Steam Overlay and what not but this (guide?) helped a lot.


Family Name: Ghosthogs
Char Names: Vanether


When I logged off last night I was thinking I would try either my XB1 or 360 pad today. So many combos to perform and, to me, it seems like they would feel more comfortable to perform with a gamepad.

I have a Steam controller also but I’ll try the native pad first.


Using the controller for the combos just feels right, and the xbox pad would work just fine. I’m just geeking over the SC because of all the other things I can bind to it like push to talk, and screenshots, and virtual keyboard.

[Edit] Forgot to add my info
Family Name: Wheatception
Wizard: DrDoMagics


Family Name: Wayward
Character Name: Obediah - Wizard


Currently up to 70k silver. Hopefully i’ll have the rest in a few hours.