Black Desert Online



I’ll be in game tomorrow night hopefully, I will then help you with what ever if any is needed. Surely someone else can help donate so @Diacuss doesn’t have to front it all


Work faster!!! it’s been over 12hrs and you don’t have 100k yet :imp:


Quit your bitchin’ i have the money now. No thanks you you @Myrakat.


When are you going to buy me my house?


Is anyone else completely overwhelmed and have no idea what to do in this game?

Or are you simply grinding levels.

I achieved level 11 last night but I have gotten very little level xp today. I’ve been running across the map opening up new areas, talking to NPCs and gaining knowledge. I’m expanding my energy pool and gaining a few contribution points. I am considering slapping a trading pack on my back and walking to another town.

I’m trying to learn how all these different systems work.


Yea it’s overwhelming but I think in a good way. There’s a crap ton of stuff to do and figure out and I’m in no hurry to hit lvl 50 anyway. In fact I thought levels came way too fast at first though its settled some after 10.


Guild created and i hate my life. So complicated. Have to create comtracts with everyone. Everyone get paid from the guild account. Has guild missions to make money. As of right now we only have a 15 person guild but it can expand. It’s complicated and interesting. Will create an official page for us in a bit.


So I am a slowtard and in my excitement of loading the game I forgot to check the boards for which server we had all agreed on and of course I didn’t pick the one you all went to.

I assume if I delete all my guys I can re-pick a server does anyone know this to be fact?


Deleting your characters will take 24 hours.

Did you create all 4 characters? I think that’s the max. If you did not then you should be able to make some characters on Edan, although I believe you will have to choose a new family name (I think family name is specific to server).


Nope just two, I am at work at the moment I’ll double check if it will let me make new guys on a different server with out deleting the other two.

Still not used to playing games with a guild in mind normally just me and the girlfriend lol.


You shouldn’t need to delete your characters on another server you should have 4 slots on the different one as well. Though that means starting over fresh. So creating new characters, and giving them new names. Your family name will stick however, as it basically your account name.


Yep got a new guy made not sure how guild invites work but the new guy is Frank_Vegas family name Marrowdrinker


First time i have never been able to get my name “Vilegrin” my soul is a little wounded


Well guilds for this game is really different thank others and i’m still learning about it myself. We have only have a few spots in our guild at the moment but we are working on expanding it. Also have to sign a contract with our guild but i’ll create a post about that yet. Best thing is to just send friends request to all of the guys listed here before we can get you in the guild.


I created a wizard last night.

I hate myself and my valkyrie now.


Last thing I played was Archeage. I am playing BDO and Saw some of you guys running around. I’d like to join you guys. in game I’m Kymora.


Saw your Steam message when I got home last night, so… Yes, I am still on Strats. Here is the BDO Guild post


Glad to see you back @zymora


thanks :smile:


you guys still use mumble?