Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal Thread!


Since deals are/will be pouring out of the wood work while everyone is stuffing their faces I thought we should create a thread to share some of the awesome deals everyone has found, and to help keep the forums uncluttered!

Bestbuy has a sweet deal going for some Logitech mice/keyboards, I was excited about this since they have a mouse I have been wanting on that list, so needless to say I snatched it up!:

Steam is also having an awesome deal on some great games today during their Exploration Sale! Just head over to their main store page to see them all!

If anyone else has found any awesome deals people may not know about, or you just feel like sharing post it here! :smiley:


Oops just saw this after buying my own goodies and posting. Got some new peripherals from Logitech!


It’s okay! Yeah they make some really great products now days for sure.