Black Friday & Cyber Monday for Gamers

I’d like to collect some great gamer deals for the upcoming megasale days. If you’ve found something great, please share it here!


This is one I found a while ago but I’m posting it here for completeness:

PS4 with GTA V and Last of Us for $400.

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$329 for Xbox One w/ AC Unity and digital copy of Black Flag and $50 Target Gift Card:


Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4) for $20 bucks.

Destiny Limited Edition 10% off

Looking through this mornings papers I’m a little let down on some of the “door buster” deals as far as video games go. A few single player PS4 games caught my eye at Best Buy:

  • The Evil Within $24.99
  • Wolfenstein $24.99
  • Shadow of Mordor $24.99
  • Diabolo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition $29.99
  • Alien: Isolation $29.99

Most of these were released within the last 3 months so it’s a pretty good price for new. Nothing jumps out as a “must have” though, Black Friday just isn’t what it used to be


I think I saw COD AW for $44.99 at Best Buy, but I agree nothing has really popped out to me. I think margins are too tight as is on game sales.

Really disappointing as I want to get in major game backlog for holidays.

If you have a local Staples (yes, the Staples you bought school supplies at back in the day…), all of their gaming stuff is on clearance regardless of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Consoles for Black Friday are 50% off clearance price IIRC!

Bear in mind that this is because they’ve marked it all on clearance and stopped carrying new stock in Sept/Oct, but if you can find a store that was missed by your local gamer keeners, PS4 controllers were going for $20 at my local store, 12GB HD PS3s were $50 today, X-Box 360s were $75, and I snagged a couple of PS4 games for $20, and a few PS3 games for about $5 each…


Sony pls, don’t mess this up for everyone. Give us those delicious deals

Edit: Flash sale isn’t too bad. I see a common theme in the sales across all stores, The Evil Within, Shadow of Mordor, Diablo, inFAMOUS.

  • Transistor for $7.99 is a great deal and highly recommended
  • MLB 14 the show is $19.99 which is another great deal for those who like Base Ball
  • Sniper Elite 3 for $24.99 is the lowest I’ve seen for this, I’ve never played it but I heard positive stuff. I dont know how much I could stomach those x-ray camera shots.

500GB Samsung SATA3 SSD for $189 ($80 off)

I might pick up Dragon Age today after all.

Amazon’s Gold Box deal today has Dragon Age: Inquisition for $44.99 on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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@Vocino I was going to post this! I found it on the support Strats link.