Black Friday VoG

Who’s down for a Black Friday raid? Thinking about 9pm EST. Maybe the Vex will have exotics and raid gear on sale?

I’ll have myself (DoNotThrowAway, 29 Titan) and my brother (OptimisticMonkey, 27 Warlock). I’ve been through twice. This will be his first run.


Does he have a mic? I’m sure I’ll be around at some point.

Sure does. He’s an experienced player, just never done VoG

I’m in if you’re totally desperate for bodies, but I suspect I’d do more harm than good right now…

I miiiiiiiight break level 27 by Friday, but I’ve only got the one VoG run under my belt from last night, and that was very heavily sherpa’ed by @Dynamible, @DrizztDo_Urden69, Digitull and Shredhed

Every run is great experience :wink:

Right… So by that logic, when we did Nightfall: Sitting in the corner calling SHRIEKER! And observing = “Experience” too? :stuck_out_tongue:


I could be around to run this on my Titan

Oh most definitely that’s amazing experience, you were a good shrieker caller haha


Id be down if you can start a little later. I get off work at 6pm pst and probably can’t get on destiny till maybe 7:30pst so I guess that would be 10:30est. I have never run VoG either and I’m a lvl 27 warlock.

Edit: I’m dumb and thought this was happening tonight. I can’t make it tomorrow actually.

Anyone off Black Friday and want to Raid during the day?

I can do whatever…you know where to find me