Black Ops 3 Zombies 36 Hour Live Stream Extravaganza


So with the huge release of Black Ops 3 in just a few days I’ve decided to do a 36+ hour stream (roughly 40 Hours if all goes well) playing this hopefully amazing game.
Starting Thursday Nov 5 at 8 PM CST I’ll be streaming Black Ops 2 Zombies until Black Ops 3 releases. When Black Ops 3 releases I’ll be learning the map and attempting to complete the Shadows Of Evil and The Giant Easter egg. If everything goes well and I don’t pass out I’ll be streaming until 10 AM CST on my channel and 12 AM CST on Nov 7 on the Strats Twitch channel for the Extra Life event. Be sure to stop by at some point during the stream and drop a #Strats in the chat! Also need 2 more people to do the Easter egg with so If any of you wanna play some zombies with me during the stream drop a reply and let me know.
Follow the channel to know when the stream goes live!


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