Blade and Soul Strats Clan?


We have a guild/clan or whatever they are called on Blade and Soul? I feel a little pervy admitting I play the game but the combat is awesome and my girlfriend unexpectedly fell in love with it. I’m not sure what what March will bring since ESO, Division, Farcry and even B&S! all have some release I’m looking forward to. Happy game time sad bank account LOL


You must play a female Lyn.


LOL, no but I do feel like I am the only person playing a male some days…


I looked at a youtube video and this game does look pretty cool. What about it makes you feel pervy @Vilegrin. Is it completely free? I could be interested in trying this out


Oh, I don’t know… jiggle physics maybe.

The game is indeed free. You can play the entire game without paying anything.


lol he is quite right not to mention the loli aspects and there is prolly more horndogs logged on here at any given time than on any catagory on pornhub.

I want to say I have spent 60 bucks total for me AND my girlfriend and that’s mainly the fact we are big on the idea of supporting projects that you enjoy. Right now we are enjoying the hell out of it.


what was the money spent on? How is the leveling?


2 extra character slots (one each)
some extra storage slots (which weren’t really needed)
month sub each
some cosmetic stuffs

leveling is fine my biggest bitch would be whatever you experience with the first character you make you will experience with your hundredth. It’s not very alt friendly as far as replay value goes which is a shame because I’ve messed around with 4 classes so far and enjoyed them all. My girlfriend is on her 3rd looking forward to warlocks release in March.


I downloaded it today on my work break. I plan to log on tonight and try it out when I get home around 830pm est.


@Vilegrin what server you on?




All this TESO talk during the past few days has made me curious about BnS. Does anyone still play this game?

Been looking for some streams and it seems like the excitement for the game has died down a bit. Guess Overwatch is poaching from every game and genre right now. I’ve also read that PvP hasn’t been as popular as NCSoft expected.

On the plus side, one new class has already been released since the game launched back in January and a second class will be released later this month.