Blade Dancer video



Snagged this video from Reddit. This is unbelievable!

Reddit OP:


Hahaha I am loving blade dancer it is way too much fun. You feel so bad ass dashing from person to person getting kill after kill.


Thanks for that! That made this long work day that much more bearable.

Although, now I just want to get home and play Destiny.


I’ve been in the same boat, but for the past 2 days.


I got to play for a little bit last night. Ok, to be fair @Auth carried me through a few quests. Anyways, hope you get to play soon.


I guess I should clarify. I’ve been able to play for the past 2 days, I just meant while I’m at work I’m jonesing to get home and play


@Sw1shaaSweet closed the game with this super move and it was pretty darn cinematic!